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Books I Read in January

I absolutely loved Adam Grant's Give and Take and Originals. His books read like a mash up of Malcolm Gladwell + Freakonomics + Cal Newport, and I thoroughly enjoyed and learned so much from both books. If starting a business ever crosses my mind (and turns into something more than just an idle dream-thought), I'll have to re-read both books and take detailed notes—they're that useful.

As for Where'd You Go Bernadette, a co-worker lent it to me and I happily sped through it in about a day. After reading so much nonfiction lately, it was enjoyable and fun to take a side-trip into the land of fiction. Maria Semple, the author, wrote for Arrested Development, and Mad About You, and you can almost tell (or maybe it's just me) that she's used to writing scripts rather than novels, though Where'd You Go Bernadette isn't her first book. I just felt like something was missing. The dialogue and unique format was fine, but as a whole seemed to lack depth somehow. If it was a dessert, it'd be angel food cake.

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