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You're Not Alone: The Joy You Feel When You Find a Similar Soul

kindred spirits

Kindred Spirits

When I find a soul who speaks the same language as me, who seems to be on the same wavelength, the phrase kindred spirits from the Anne of Green Gables novels pops into my head.

It’s such a lovely sentiment to describe exactly that feeling of understanding someone, without the dance of mismatched conversation. Instead, it’s that instant recognition of meeting on the same page, without any effort. Existing on similar planes, is another way I think about it.

It’s that feeling where you’re not struggling or embarrassed to explain your love for, say drying herbs and tinkering with syrups and jams in the kitchen. Or, it’s when you find yourself blurting, “Me too!” after someone professes her love for the same obscure writer as you, and you quote his lines back and forth. Or even when you share a distaste for something popular, like modern art and architecture, and find you both prefer rambling old Victorian mansions or tiny hand built houses instead. Or when you realize you both view nature and the outdoors in the same sacred way. Or just prefer a bonfire in the woods over a dinner party.

It’s that flash of recognition for similar puzzle pieces that exist in both your identities.  

It’s a rare, but beautiful thing. And each time the magic of a kindred spirit enters my life, I feel  a little less alone, and a little more understood.

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