It’s Essential to Uncover What Truly Makes You Happy

 excerpt from Paul Graham’s blog post “Copy What You Like”

excerpt from Paul Graham’s blog post “Copy What You Like”

Think about the last book you read from start to finish. Maybe stayed up until 2 AM to reach the last page or set your alarm for 5 AM so that you could dive back into that world the book created, before slogging to work. Or, maybe you sat in your car during lunch hour, devouring those last few chapters.

The books you hate putting down show you what you love, or at the very least enjoy.

It probably wasn’t The Metamorphosis by Kafka, or War and Peace by Tolstoy that made you flip pages one after another. More likely than not, it was Big Little Lies, something by Danielle Steel or John Grisham, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, or Eat, Pray, Love, or Ender’s Game, or any number of novels that have hit the bestsellers list in the last 10 years.

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