30-min Interview Consultation

30-min Interview Consultation

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30-min Interview Consultation

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Let's Do This!

You’re nervous about the interview.

You’ve done the research, picked out your outfit, figured out how to get there with plenty of time to spare, basically all the logistics are locked down.

But, you’re still feeling those stomach pains and lack of appetite and sweaty underarms and wrists (maybe that’s just me) and can’t stop your brain from running through all the things you don’t know about the company, and all the things you don’t know how to answer.

It’s OK.

You can sit down, heave out a sigh, and kick up those feet for our 30 minutes.

We’ll get you from a sweaty, babbling, unconfident mess to a calm, confident, boss, who walks into that interview room and KILLS.


Let’s chat. We can go through my signature interview-prep checklist, or, we can do a straight-up rehearsal where I act as the interviewer for the full 30 minutes and then send you a play-by-play with a recording, key improvements, and homework so you can ace it in real life ($99 upgrade fee).