45-min Career Changer Consultation

45-min Career Changer Consultation


Career Changer Consultation

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Gah. That feeling when you have no idea if you're pursuing the right path. So many options to choose from, but how? Is it the right path for you? Or are you pursuing something that'll turn into a dud like your last career(s). 

It's so risky too. The price of school, should you invest in more education, the time, not to mention the pressures and concerns of how to feed yourself, (your family?!), where to live, who to tell, the whole nine yards. 

Talk to me about it. 

We'll go through each path you're considering (or explore options if you're in the "anything but this job/industry/career" stage) and chat about your values, goals, dreams, and abilities and work on a path forward. I'll leave you with homework and concrete guidance.

Why work with me?

I've been there. I went from an Army career mostly based in the in the midwest and Texas (sigh), to working in New York City as a writer at a variety of startups (woo!). I also teach yoga and freelance write and work as a career consultant. I LOVE my life, but it wasn't a cakewalk to get here. I've worked in the career space for years now, and I've read every book out there, worked with a career coach myself, and have helped dozens of career-changing souls just like yourself.