A little bit about me... 

I love stories. I grew up bouncing library to library with my mom and sister, always chasing new books and old fairytales. We earned more personal pan pizzas from Pizza Hut's young reader program than anyone else in town (who remembers that reading incentive? It was genius, though problematic for a lactose intolerant child). And now that I'm older, I find great stories everywhere. Novels, newspapers, magazines, blogs, articles, and scripts — it's all game. There's nothing better than finding yourself lost in words.

....which brings me to my current career. I'm a personal finance writer/editor for SmartAsset, a financial tech startup.


Want to read more? Find my work on SmartAsset, The MuseBusiness Insider, Fast Company, Racked, The War Horse and Forbes. And you're welcome to poke around my writing portfolio as well.

Before moving to New York and writing professionally, I was in the military for almost five years. And before that, I studied TV and Film at Boston University's College of Communication.

If I'm not writing, I'm likely reading, eating, wandering around outside, or painting.